Narrow streets, and cobblestones

In a simple street you can find the whole world: You can find joy and sorrow; you can find good and evil, silence and noise; you can find all the comedies and all the tragedies! An ordinary simple street is the mirror of the whole world!

― Mehmet Murat ildan

One of my favorite photos from the streets of Bergen, is the one I took of this old man with a cane, a couple of years ago, struggling his way up this steep hill – «The Struggle II»

«The Struggle II»

In Bergen, they used cobblestones in huge quantities back in the old days. This was, and still is, completely maintenance free. In the middle of steep slopes, they laid a strip of stones with the edge up, making it easier for the horses to pull carts on the hard and slippery surface.

You can see this on several of my photos from the old parts of Bergen, in this post.

I think these cobbled narrow streets are really idyllic, with a calmness that you won’t find anywhere else in a big city.

It doesn’t have to be cobbled to be idyllic…

I finish up this post with a few photos from the oldest part of Bergen, where there are minimum of space between the houses.

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